IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision

Dynamic Content OptimizationBringing Content into Alignment with Human Vision

Automotive OEM and Tier 1 Benefits

PDP Frontline technology

Pioneering Technology

IRYStec PDP Vision is the first technology in the market that replicates the way the HVS processes and perceives information. It renders images in real-time to match the unique interaction between the driver and the display, delivering the best viewing experience possible.

Scalable OEM Investments

Leveraging on its platform approach, IRYStec PDP Vision is fully scalable and customizable. This supports customers’ growth needs, leading to lower maintenance and implementation costs and future-proof investments.

Faster Time to Market

IRYStec PDP Vision, is a software-based solution that seamlessly integrates into the OS of any applications processor platform. It can be deployed as an update to a production system thus reducing the time of release cycles and implementation.

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IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (PDP Vision) embedded software technology automatically adapts the content characteristics being displayed on automotive displays in real-time to match how a viewer’s eyes actually see in different ambient light.

Despite major advances in display technology screens today are still manufactured based on the assumption they will be viewed by young adults under normal lighting conditions. The reality is, viewers’ eyesight is affected by factors such as age, gender and ethnicity – and screens are viewed under widely varying lighting conditions. As a result, viewers often have to strain to see content comfortably, or they’re not able to accurately see the original sharp, clear image. IRYStec PDP Vision delivers an exceptional viewing experience on automotive displays, improving readability and safety.


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“Screens are the new horsepower.”

—   GORDEN WAGENER, chief design officer for daimler Ag